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a deck plate inspection


our radalink monitors are highly sensitive and one of the few that adhere to strict standards of 16 pi/l.  it also measures barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity every hour.  strict instructions for closed house conditions must be met.

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our home inspectors collect any mold samples using a control and interior sample for the presence of mold in the air.  results will communicate any need for mold remediation and what type of mold/allergen is present

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water sampling

when you add tap score with your home inspection, you will receive a comprehensive well water report that will leave you feeling confident about what the results are, what it means for your health, and how costly to fix. when ordered, the homeowners will receive strict instructions that must be followed for accurate testing.

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rental inspection

we perform Baltimore County rental inspections and will supply the needed rental inspection sheet and photos required by the county for renewal.

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third party coordination

all other services, such as chimney, termite (wdi), well and septic, and sewer scope are also coordinated with our preferred vendors upon request.

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