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Rental Inspections
Baltimore County Rental
Baltimore County Rental Re-inspect
 Condo/Townhome Inspections
  <1000 sq. ft. Condo
 1001-2000 sq. ft. Condo
 2001-3000 sq. ft. Condo
 3001-4000 sq. ft. Condo
 <2000 sq. ft. Townhome
 2001-3000 sq. ft. Townhome
 3001-4000 sq. ft. Townhome
 4001+ sq. ft. Townhome
 Detached Home Inspections
 1000-2000 sq. ft. Detached Home
 2001-3000 sq. ft. Detached Home
 3001-4000 sq. ft. Detached Home
 4001-5000 sq. ft. Detached Home
 5001-6000 sq. ft. Detached Home
 6001-7000 sq. ft. Detached Home
 7001 -9000 sq. ft. Detached Home
Environmental Inspections
Radalink AirCat Continuous Radon Monitor Test 
 Mold Inspection (2 Samples)--with a Home Inspection
 Mold Inspection (2 Samples)--Standalone 
 Each additonal Mold Sample
 FHA/VA Basic Plus Water Panel--Tests total Coliform, E. Coli, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, Turbidity plus Iron, Manganese, and pH. (Arranged with 3rd Party)
 Pest Inspection (Arranged with 3rd Party)
 Chimney Level 2 Inspection (Arranged with 3rd Party)
 $250 for the first fireplace, regardles of type, $250 for each additional gas fireplace and $150 for each additional woodburning.  
 Standard Septic Inspection (Arranged with 3rd Party)
 Modified Well Inspection (1 hour)
 Well Inspection (3 hour) (Arranged with 3rd Party)
 Well Inspection (Baltimore County Regulated)(Arranged with 3rd Party)  
 New Construction Inspections
 Pre-Drywall Inspection
 Pre-Backfill (foundation) Inspection
 Other Options
Primary Systems Inspection (Not a Full Home Inspection--includes inspection of roof, structure, electric panel, heat, main furnace, framing, and water heater)
 Re-Inspect of any Deck Plate Home Inspection

 $180 Verbal

$240 with Report 

 *Home is subject to review and adjustment in price.  All unfinished and finished square footage is included.