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New Construction 

Builder Package

there are 3 critical stages of new construction:  

pre-backfill, pre-drywall, and pre-settlement walk-through.  

when you order "The Builder package," you receive $100 off than if purchased separately.  

But isn't it new? Doesn't it come with a one year warranty? Why do I need to purchase a Builder Package?

Just because it is new does not mean it is without defects. Defects are commonly found on new construction homes. 3 stages are needed because defects can be covered up at each stage. Once discovered, it is usually expensive and difficult to fix.

common mistakes in new construction

  • Incorrect installation of the roof
  • The mechanical room or space being built too small and cannot fit all the appliances, 
  • The home is not correctly insulated
  • The siding of the house is improperly installed and ends up needing to be replaced.
  • The basement walls were not insulated,
  • Crawl space ventilation is not installed, resulting in water from condensation to build up and cause a lot more damage.
  • Improper insulation around recessed lighting, which can result in air leaks and heat loss.
  • A leaky booster pump, which could cascade into a whole list of repairs to be made including having to replace hardwood floors.
  • Structural issues, such as with a damaged roof truss system or an unusual floor frame configuration could require structural engineers to be called in to evaluate.

stage 1 - Pre-backfill or foundation inspection

A pre-backfill inspection is completed prior to the replacement of the backfill soil around the exterior perimeter of the foundation.  

What is inspected?

  • footings 
  • exterior foundation 
  • wall parging
  • exterior
  • perimeter drain tiles
  • foundation ties
(all of which will later be hidden by soil or wooden framing members) 

stage 2 - Pre-drywall

A pre-drywall inspection occurs just after the installation of certain elements – such as the doors, windows, foundation, flooring, wall and roof components, plumbing and electrical rough-in – and right before the drywall is hung. 

Why get a pre-drywall inspection?

Drywall can obscure some aspects of the interior and make identifying or fixing any problems both difficult and expensive.

What is inspected? 

  • the foundation
  • floor system
  • roof system
  • wall system
  • plumbing system
  • electrical system
  • HVAC
  • exterior wall covering
  • roof covering
  • the interior

stage 3 - Final inspection or "Walk-through inspection"

Everything is finished.  Utilities should be on.  This is a full home inspection where the inspector looks at every visible component and possible issues.  We recommend this inspection take place prior to your "walk-through" with the builder so you can have a punch out list of issues for the builder to correct.

11th Month Warranty

home inspection

conducted during the 11th month of your builder's warranty, 

we do a full home inspection before the warranty expires.

Our non-invasive inspection is based on the observations of the visible and apparent condition of the interior and exterior of the structure, including its major systems and components.  Following your inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report, complete with photos, that includes information on any material defects observed on the date of the inspection.  Empowered with this information, you can take action to hold your builder and his subcontractors to their warranties while they are still in force.  

How can I take full advantage of my builder's warranty?

We offer 11th month warranty inspections, which are completed prior to your warranty expiration. our thorough home inspection can uncover unknown defects, and any defects discovered and reported on your home inspection report must be fixed by the builder at no cost to you. There are hundreds of components in your home.

protect yourself from expensive repairs later.