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What is a Deck Plate Home Inspection?

Deck Plate Home Inspections is about quality, not quantity.  We strive to do one home inspection per day and to get the home inspection report to you within 24 hours.  A typical home inspection lasts 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours.  To maximize the benefit of a home inspection, we encourage you to remain with the inspector so he can show you your potential home.  Deck Plate Inspectors have construction and hands-on experience, and we love to talk about your home and answer any questions you might have.

What We Look At

1.  Exterior:  We typically start with the exterior of the home.  We will walk the roof, as long as it is safe and accessible, and look at the chimney(s) and flashing details as well. 

2.  Structure, Electrical, HVAC/R, and Plumbing:  We will then head to the basement (if there is one) and look at the utility systems, including the subpanel, HVAC and water heater, and also look at the visible foundation and framing for any issues. 

3.  Interior:  We inspect all the windows, walls, doors, outlets, switches, and appliances and for the presence of moisture. 

4.  Insulation:  As we go through the home, the home's ventilation and insulation is being looked at. 

5.  Finally, we complete the home inspection after inspecting the attic and cleaning up after ourselves from the attic back to the utility area(s).