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Why get Environmental Testing?

A home will be most people's largest purchase and more people today want to ensure that their home is not only structurally sound and its systems are in working order, but that their air and soil are not hazardous to their health.  Here are services we offer that have increased in popularity in recent years:

Radon Gas

Radon gas is naturally occurring and is emitted when uranium in rocks, soil, and water break down.  The level of radon in a home differs from home to home, so the house next door can have very different results from yours.  Some radon gas is normal, but levels above what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend should be addressed.  Before testing, all doors and windows should be closed for at least 12 hours prior to the start of the test until the test is over, which is 48-72 hours.  We use the highest quality testing equipment through Radalink Labs, a neutral third party that will deliver the report directly to you and your agent.     


Water is an enemy of houses.  If it gets in, whether through the roof, a leaky pipe or appliance, and remains damp, it creates mold, which eats away at anything it can get to.  Once mold establishes itself, it creates spores and will spread through the air to other areas.  If you are concerned about or suspect the presence of mold, a mold inspection will help find hidden mold.